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The need to celebrate consumers as the Boss of the Industry -Danbatta


Executive Vice Chairman,NCC,Prof. Umar G. Danbatta

The Executive Vice Chairman,NCC,Prof. Umar G. Danbatta FNSE, states during the 81st edition of Nigerian Communication Commission(NCC), Telecom Consumer Parliament, that there is need to celebrate and recognize consumers as the boss of the industry.

In his remarks,”We are, however, grateful to consumers for responding positively to the telecommunications revolution. Consumers have continued to spend a significant portion of their disposable income on telecommunication service as it continues to improve quality of life,businesses and social engagement.”

Danbatta underscores the fact that if all these initiatives, projects, investments and efforts were met with low consumer patronage the telecommunications revolution would have been an unqualified failure.

“It is really the investment of the consumer through patronage of services that has encouraged build out and supported service provision. Thus, there is need to celebrate and recgonize the consumer as the Boss of the Industry and as the Boss, he who plays the piper dictates the tune.”

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The Parliament took place on September 21, 2017 at Eko Club,Lagos.The Telecoms Consumer parliament is a flagship platform which is dedicated to Nigerian Telecom Consumers. Over the years, the Telecoms Consumer Parliament has created an innovative way of bringing all stakeholders together to discuss and profer solutions to industry wide issues especially issues that touch on Consumer interest and well being.

In view of the pre-eminent role of telecom consumers in the overall achievements of NCC objectives and the growth ofthe telecom industry, NCC has declared 2017 the year of Nigerian Telecom Consumer. Hence the NCC has continued to provide significant resources to ensure that the TCP is held regularly for the benefit of the consumer and industry as a whole.

The focus of the declaration are for continuous improvement of quality, ubiquitous and affordable services to the consumer;increase in consultative engagement with the consumer to always service the needs and desires of the consumer positively; increasing consumer information and education as well as consumer centric regulatory governance and policy administration.

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The commission has taken steps to ensure that the telecommunications sector remains vibrant and carries out its regulatory functions to ensure that the companies operating in the Industry are healthy. NCC has made interventions to prevent disruptions to consumer experience.

The paper presentation tittled ” Celebrating The Telecom Consumer” was presented by Barrister Ayoola Oke. Where he stated that Nigerians are the pay masters of the industry.
In his words,” One key thing we are here to establish today is to create awareness that consumer is the central and pay master of the Industry. They are also the patrons of the Industry and for this industry the consumer is king”
Oke noted that the Industry is made up of networks which are interwoven and such networks are made up of three compact: the subsidiary capacity (Core Network), the transmission layer and access layer.

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The paper presentation attempt to identify the position of the consumer in the telecom ecosystem and suggest a paradigm shift on Consumer engagement as a panacea for continued growth in the telecom industry.
There was a video presentation (VOX POP) on the voice of the consumers where various questions were asked on how efficient and reliable their network providers are and various suggestions were relayed on by the consumers.
Also an interactive session was created where consumers get the opportunity to have a panel discussion live with their service providers.
Invited service providers at the parliament were Globacom, MTN, 9Mobile, Ntel, Airtel, Smile etc
These eminent professionals in various fields were able to dissect and provide solutions to some of the issues raised.
The Director Consumer Affairs Bureau, Abdullahi Maikano hopes that the outcome of the parliament discussions and the resolution reached will further aid in pacifying problems of the consumers.

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